√ Pos Laju Bandar Puncak Alam

Pos Laju Bandar Puncak Alam is a prominent courier service center located in Lot 11307, No. 7A, Jalan TIAJ 2/5, Taman Industri Alam Jaya, Bandar Puncak Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. As part of the Pos Laju network, it offers efficient and reliable courier services to cater to the needs of the local community and businesses in the area.

With convenient operating hours throughout the weekdays and on Saturdays, Pos Laju Bandar Puncak Alam ensures that customers can access their services when it is most convenient for them. The center is closed on Sundays. Despite the absence of a provided telephone number, customers can easily locate the center using Google Maps.

Pos Laju Delivery Centre Puncak Alam

To provide a comprehensive overview, the following table summarizes the key details of Pos Laju Bandar Puncak Alam:

NamePos Laju Bandar Puncak Alam
LocationLot 11307, No. 7A, Jalan TIAJ 2/5, Taman Industri Alam Jaya, Bandar Puncak Alam, 42300, Selangor
Operating HoursMonday – Friday (8:00am – 8:00pm) | Saturday (8:00am – 6:00pm) | Sunday Closed
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*Closed on 3rd Saturday of the month

Available Service:

  • Windows collection only
  • Walk in over the counter services is not available.

Pos Mini Puncak Alam

NamePos Mini Puncak Alam
LocationNo. 1, Lorong Naluri Sukma A8/B, Fasa 2, Bandar Puncak Alam, Puncak Alam, 42300, Selangor
Operation hoursMonday – Friday (9:00am – 5:30pm) <br> Saturday (9:00am – 3:30pm)
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Frequently Asked Questions in Couriermalaysia.com about Pos Laju Bandar Puncak Alam:

What services are provided by Pos Laju Bandar Puncak Alam?

Pos Laju Bandar Puncak Alam offers a wide range of courier services, including domestic and international delivery, express delivery, parcel tracking, and various specialized services such as PosLaju Prepaid Express Envelope, Pos Ekspres, Pos Laju Pack, and Pos Laju EziBox.

Can I send packages internationally from Pos Laju Bandar Puncak Alam?

Yes, Pos Laju Bandar Puncak Alam provides international courier services. Customers can conveniently send packages to various destinations around the world using the reliable and efficient international delivery network offered by Pos Laju.

How can I track my package sent through Pos Laju Bandar Puncak Alam?

Tracking your package is simple with Pos Laju’s online tracking system. By entering the tracking number provided at the time of sending your package, you can easily monitor the progress of your delivery through the Pos Laju website or mobile app. The tracking system provides real-time updates, allowing you to stay informed about the current status of your package at all times.

What are the operating hours of Pos Mini Puncak Alam?

Pos Mini Puncak Alam operates from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. On Saturdays, the operating hours are from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. The facility is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Can I purchase stamps at Pos Mini Puncak Alam?

Yes, Pos Mini Puncak Alam provides stamp sales services. Customers can visit the facility to purchase a variety of postage stamps for their mailing needs. The staff will assist you in selecting the appropriate stamps based on the destination and size of your mail.

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