Gdex Johor Branches

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Please provide a listing of Gdex branches in Johor, including their operating hours and contact

Gdex Branches

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Gdex, short for “GD Express,” is a renowned logistics and courier service provider in Malaysia.

FMX Terengganu

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FMX Terengganu is a trusted provider of Express Delivery services, catering to the needs of

FMX Selangor

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Discover the FMX Selangor branch’s comprehensive directory, encompassing its location details, operating hours, and contact

FMX Sarawak

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Discover the comprehensive directory showcasing the FMX Sarawak branch, along with its operational schedule and

FMX Sabah

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Discover the whereabouts of the FMX branch in Sabah, along with their operating hours and

FMX Perak

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FMX Perak, located at No.10 Persiaran Tembok, Desa Tawas Gemilang, 30010 Ipoh, Perak, is a

FMX Penang

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Discover the FMX Penang branch’s comprehensive directory, encompassing its physical whereabouts, operating hours, and contact