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Discover the list of J&T Express outlets in Bedong, Kedah State, including Drop Points (DP), Premium Courier Points (PCP), and Distribution Center (DCD). Obtain information about their operating hours and contact numbers. If you’re looking for the nearest J&T Express location in Taman Lembah Bujang, Bedong, Kedah, find the directions here.

Where can you drop off your J&T Shopee parcels in the Bedong area? Where can you personally collect your J&T parcels in the Bedong area? Check out the list of outlets below.

NamePCP KDH417
Operation hoursMon – Sun (9:00am – 6:00pm)
ServicesDomestic, International, Shopee Drop-Off, Shopee Return, Easy Parcel Drop-Off

J&T Express Bedong is a reliable and efficient courier service located at No. 14, Jalan Bujang 6, Taman Lembah Bujang, 08100 Bedong, Kedah. With convenient operation hours from Monday to Sunday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, we are committed to meeting your delivery requirements.

Our dedicated team strives to provide seamless domestic and international delivery services, as well as additional features such as Shopee Drop-Off, Shopee Return, and Easy Parcel Drop-Off. With our customer-centric approach and cutting-edge logistics solutions, J&T Express Bedong is your go-to partner for all your shipping needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions in Couriermalaysia.com about J&T Express Bedong:

What are the operating hours of J&T Express Bedong?

J&T Express Bedong operates from Monday to Sunday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Our extended operation hours ensure flexibility and convenience for our customers.

Can I send packages internationally through J&T Express Bedong?

Yes, J&T Express Bedong offers reliable and secure international delivery services. Whether you need to send a parcel to a neighboring country or across continents, our experienced team will ensure your package reaches its destination safely and promptly.

How does the Shopee Drop-Off service work?

The Shopee Drop-Off service provided by J&T Express Bedong allows you to conveniently drop off your Shopee orders at our location. Simply bring your package with the necessary Shopee labels and drop it off during our operation hours. We will take care of the rest and ensure your package is delivered to the intended recipient efficiently.

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